Douro valley What to do in Springs?

2 must things to do in Douro Valley

If you are planning your trip abroad, Douro valley, in Spring, is an option that you should consider. This unique region won´t let you down.

But, what to do? Well, the possibilities are not endless, but the payback can be, for sure, above infinity.

So, here they are, 2 must things to do in Spring in Douro:

– A walk or a hike

In fact, going around in the countryside at this time of the year is a rather pacifying experience. As the weather is milder now, you get the most out of your outdoors experience. The fields are now awaking from Winter and there is plenty to see and discover. The highlight is the almond tree, but everything is worth watching. For more on this, go to DOURO WALKS. Then, well, then, start walking!

– An experience

If you are eager to get down to work, we recommend the following: empara. Not familiar with the word? Well, now that the weather in warmer, the buds of the vines grow faster every day, but as the branches are so tender, there is always the danger of losing them to the wind. The solution is to attach them to the wire. Traditionally, we use rush. It is a delicate work, no rush involved! Once again, Douro Walks will be happy to guide you on this. Our experiences on harvest and pruning have been a success.


Of course, you can still do the boat, train or car tours, the wineries, the villages and the viewpoints… Accomodation will be easy to find, however, if you are searching for a full immersion in Douro way of living, we recommend our Cozinha do Pessoal House. Meet us on Airbnb.