If we search well, it is still possible to see chestnut trees in Douro valley. They are not so common as they used to be in the past. Now, the region has moved towards grapes in such a massive way that other species have been set aside. Anyway, they are still around here. Chestnuts are some of our Autumn fruits – tiny brown knots peaking outside spiky shells.

Just like everything else, they have a past, a story. You may look at them from this perspective. The one one is tasting them. Ours, in Douro, are different from the ones we get in other provinces of Portugal, like in Trás-os-Montes or Beira Alta, however, I won´t say they are inferior. They are different and you should know how to eat them. That´s where the secret is.

We, at Douro Walks, find them in our hikes and present them on our picnic tables.