Natural sweetness straight from delicate and laboriously made masterpieces, honeycombs.

Bees are an old thing in Douro. Our family had them. Well, had, problably isn´t the best word. They were there, next to people, sometimes literally next to their doors. People say they were different, more peaceful.

Meanwhile, things changed around here and now, it is not frequent to have bees as neighbours.

We brought them back. They are not at our doorstep, it is true, they are a little bit more agitated now. But their honey is still more or less the same.

Bees are back to Talhada. Talhada is the name of the place where my great grandmother had them. Talhada means a slice, a portion.

Douro Walks is immensely proud to have Talhada honey present in ours picnics. We are immensely proud to share a portion of one of our potions.