There are things in life that we cannot really explain. Of course that there are many grey moments, mostly grey moments. But it is the smart ones that we remember. Finding the restaurant O Chico in Alentejo was one of them. So, you have to imagine yourself in a hot Summer day, walking with three kids behind you on an almost desert street in Alentejo. Then, you stop in front of a rather regular sign that points to a restaurant. A man notices your presence and says that when that spot is closed, he does not know where to eat in the entire region. We entered and, well, after a while, we understood his words.

Simplicity and authenticity are key elements in the very core of the wine regions of Portugal. Alentejo is no exception.

Portugal has for sure a lot to offer. Dourowalks operates its programmes in Douro region, however we will be happy to guide you with our humble opinions elsewhere.