The light in Torto Valley varies in tonalities. It goes from Atlantic light in fresher areas to a more Mediterranean one in the places where the valley closes and forms nests.

It is one of the hidden gems of the valley: rich, immense, fertile, generous and rather demanding.

Douro Walks, situated in the village of Ervedosa do Douro, is right next to it. The village sits at the top of a huge group of mountains, surrounded by two rivers – Douro and Torto – forming a kind of an island or a peninsula. The orography of the valley is another element that makes Douro so challenging and unique.

If you are driving on national road 222, right after the crossing point of Bateiras, you will get the chance to see the magnificent valley of Torto. If you consider knowing it a little bit more, reach us. We, at Douro Walks, will be pleased to introduce it to you. Go to our website and send us a message.